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We provide accurate, well-layered drawings for Residential and Commercial projects, in AutoCAD™ and Revit™ (BIM). Working from conceptual sketches, our experienced drafting team will translate hand sketches and survey notes into a set of As built drawings with great accuracy and fast turnaround with affordable prices.


If there is something you can say about our company is, we are detail-oriented. This particularity helps us offer you a measuring service that includes things —sometimes ignored by lesser services— such as the thickness of walls, the height of window sills, and other nooks and crannies with great accuracy. We take photos to support our observations on-site. We know what it takes to produce results, and by hiring us you will get the best, most accurate drawings.


If a picture is worth a thousand words—imagine how far a 3D rendering of your magnificent design will go. We actually know! Do you want to land awesome clients with interesting projects—how much is that worth to you? Professionally done renderings are both a sales tool and proof of concept that your client gets to see beforehand. We know how to do them using cutting edge technology like 3Ds Max and Revit and even Sketchup!


TopView Design Solutions offers a complete Interior Design service, supported by many years of experience in the areas of residential, and commercial design. Listening to our clients carefully to assess their needs and style is paramount. We assign great value to their choices which helps us give honest advice and effective support. Our goal when designing a space is always creating rooms that are practical, and improve our clients lifestyle through beauty and functionality.

CALL US TODAY! 650-931-7356

Serving all San Francisco, San Jose and Bay Area