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Serving Architects, Interior Designers & Contractors

Drafting and 3D Studio

This studio will be the support office for busy Architects, Interior Designers and Contractors. Our team will produce well-layered drawings in Autodesk AutoCAD® and/or Autodesk Revit® based on the measurements collected while performing accurate, detailed-oriented, reliable measuring. This studio can also produce 3D renderings.

Our process is as follows:



1. Site Surveying & Measuring
We will go to the site of the project, measure it accurately, and then produce an AutoCAD or Revit drawing.

2. As-Built Drawings
The as-builts drawings may include:
Existing Floor Plan (after we measure and survey the site)
Exterior Elevations (after we measure and survey the site)

3. Construction Set
The Construction Set may include.

• New Floor Plan (the client must provide specifications of fixtures and appliances if these items are to appear in the drawings)

• Elevations and Sections

• Others (Specified by the client)


See our Drafting Gallery



3D Renderings
When it comes to using the best tools to sell their designs and obtain city permits, few are as powerful and useful to architectural and design firms as 3D Renderings. Our 3D Renderings are top of the line in the industry. Focused on customer satisfaction and affordable prices and using programs such as Autodesk 3ds Max®, Autodesk Revit® and SketchUp, we can provide you with the means to create a beautiful design, and powerful architecture for a flourishing business.


The combined experience of those who work at Topview Design Solutions allows us to offer our colleagues the best help possible. We are here to help you shine when you need it; we will be your very own accurate, detail-oriented, support office.


See our 3D Rendering Gallery.

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