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Interior Design Studio

TOPVIEW Design Solutions offers a complete Interior Design + Construction Service, supported by many years of experience in the areas of residential, and commercial design. Listening to our clients carefully to assess their needs and style is paramount. We assign great value to their choices which helps us give honest advice and effective support. Our goal when designing a space is always creating rooms that are practical, stylish, warm, and improve our clients lifestyle through beauty and functionality.  


The service we offer usually follows 7 steps:


1. Interview and Discovery

In this step we get to know you, your style, and what you expectations are for your living space. Once we know each other, we’ll show you our portfolio. Your comments will help us understand visually what features you are drawn to, and what catches your eye.
2. Space Measuring & Photographic Documentation
We will measure your space, to create your new floor plan. We can also create As-built documents for city permits if you need them.


3. Floor Plans and 3D Renderings

We design several floor plans layouts and 3D renderings for you. You select one which will be our definite project template.


4. Creation of Design Concept

Here is where the fun begins! We create a color scheme and overall design concept.


5. Paint, Furniture & Fabric Selection

We create a storyboard for you, with all the materials, finishes, furniture, fabrics and all the visual aspects concerning the project.


6. Construction Management
We coordinate any construction work demands the project requires. Our contractors and craftsmen are the best in the industry that are here for you to complete your project on budget and on your timeline.
7. Ordering and Installation
After construction or remodeling is ready, we will coordinate for any furniture piece to be delivered, especial lighting fixtures and drapes to be installed. The project is completed and finishing touches are added such as accessories and personal items.


Time to enjoy your space for years to come!  

See our Interior Design Residential and Commercial galleries.

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